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  • On Monday, it was revealed that an external, criminal cyber attack stole over 4.5 Million patient records from Community Health Systems. Although the breach was revealed on Monday, there are some reports from Community Health Systems stating that this breach of security might have happened sometime between April and June.

    This is a big issue for all patients across the United States. Not only is it an invasion of patient privacy but it’s also delaying the legal process for patients in the midst of lawsuits. Patients everywhere need access to their medical records so their legal counsel can have grounding in their case by referencing medical records. The medical record retrieval process was already long enough and now it looks like the process will be prolonged even more.

    The Transvaginal Mesh Patient Network takes pride in patient privacy and all of our patients know that they’re talking with professional and trustworthy people. If your medical records have been compromised please consult the Federal Trade Commission website:

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