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Lawsuit Funding

Transvaginal Mesh Pre-Settlement Funding

Life needs FundingDuring litigation, plaintiffs often find themselves waiting longer than expected for the resolution of their case. Due to the length of litigation and the possible inability to work during the case, some may also find their funds depleting. This can lead to having to accept a smaller settlement in a shorter period of time to avoid additional debt.
Those who are suffering with keeping up with expenses can now obtain financial assistance through pre-settlement funding. We are a provider of “non-recourse” advances that can help you through hard times.

The Benefits of Pre-Settlement Funding

The terms lawsuit funding, legal funding, litigation finance, legal finance, pre settlement funding, settlement funding, etc., are all used to describe the same thing, yet they are not household terms and are not even familiar terms to many people involved in personal injury lawsuits. In fact, unless you’re in need and are searching for a lawsuit funding, you likely don’t even know this type of legal finance exists. The benefits of lawsuit funding are many, but it isn’t for everyone. If you can wait out the court system, the defendant’s lawyers and their insurance company, you’re in a good position.

Yet if you are in a Transvaginal Mesh personal injury lawsuit and are struggling to make it because the cash you’re expecting from your case isn’t there as soon as you’d hoped, legal funding can be a great benefit, and can make the difference to your financial well-being. We can give you cash in advance of your lawsuit being settled (hence the term pre settlement funding). Not only can you get cash now, to help you with your bills today, but you also don’t pay us back until your receive your Transvaginal Mesh settlement – that’s correct – no monthly payments. Plus there is no risk, because you only pay us back if you receive a Transvaginal Mesh settlement/win your case.

Other primary reasons to contact us immediately include:

  • Future/past related medical bills
  • Future medical problems
  • Pain and suffering
  • Serious side effects
  • Quality of life
  • Wage Loss
  • Future damages

You can see if your case may qualify for Transvaginal Mesh legal funding (also known by one of these many terms; lawsuit funding, litigation finance, legal finance, pre settlement funding, settlement funding), by first reviewing the initial criteria outlined herein.” Then, simply complete and submit the application here on our website or call us.

Once approved for Transvaginal Mesh legal funding, the amount that may be offered is usually 10% of the expected settlement or judgment value of your personal injury lawsuit. The benefits to you are many, because;

  • Lawsuit funding can level the playing field so the case isn’t won simply because one side has deeper pockets,
  • Legal funding gives you cash, pre settlement, to handle the bills and expenses that you have now, while you wait for your lawsuit to settle,
  • Lawsuit funding can help relieve some of the stress that you and your family may be feeling as a result of the lawsuit.

Last, there are many ways to find financial help if you need it. Consider applying for a lawsuit funding with us if:

  • You’ve been injured or disabled from a motor vehicle accident (that wasn’t your fault), by using a product, or through the negligence of others, or
  • You’ve hired a lawyer who has filed a lawsuit or claim against the party or the insurance company.
  • You need cash in advance of your lawsuit settling, and really have no other financial options.
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