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  • The FDA has stated that Trans-Vaginal mesh can have “serious complications” in a recent report to address this subject matter .

    Trans-Vaginal mesh devices are considered a surgical device, and were originally designed to help treat women who suffered from weak tissues in the pelvic region, most commonly used to help treat pelvic organ prolapsed as well as stress urinary incontinence. However, in the wake of thousands of lawsuits being brought forth against the manufacturers of these products, due to a high amount of complications and serious side effects, a Trans-Vaginal mesh settlement is being sought by numerous law firms seeking compensation on behalf of the plaintiffs of these defective products.

    Previously, simpler surgeries were used to treat these disorders, however newer mesh products were developed that received hyperbole as being more effective and longer lasting. The problem is that many times these products actually cause damage to the tissue they are placed on. This can result in the disorder returning or worsening, or other noted side effects that include, but are not limited to: pain, vaginal bleeding, incontinence, bowel problems and other serious medical complications. Thousands of patients are filing lawsuits against the device manufacturers because they say that the clinical trials did not provide evidence regarding the long term safety of these products. In many instances, the mesh has to be removed, requiring the patient to undergo one or more surgeries out of pocket, in addition to the original surgery they had to place the mesh.

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    In order to find out if you are eligible for pre-settlement funding, you first must contact us as soon as possible. After determining your candidacy, you can then find out if you are eligible. Some patients are receiving as much as $50,000.00  in pre-settlement funding from private entities. It should be noted that the funding is actually a loan against the client’s potential settlement funds.

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