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Recent Settlements & Updates
  • Key Settlements Increasing

    According to Lawyers & Settlements, an online news site that reports on legal related happenings, several key settlements have been awarded to date:

    • C.R. Bard (Avaulta) has reportedly settled one of four cases it’s facing, with a $2 million verdict being awarded in one of the cases;
    • Boston Scientific has several pending lawsuits, of which no verdict has yet to be issued due to the cases being ongoing;
    • Ethicon Gynecare (Johnson & Johnson’s) has already reportedly settled one lawsuit for $11 million and has several other pending civil cases awaiting trial.

    Numerous Complications

    There have been numerous complications associated with this surgical mesh. The most common compilations that are being linked to trans-vaginal mesh settlements include the following ailments.

    • Abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge.
    • Perforation of surrounding soft tissues and organs by hardened mesh.
    • Discomfort and chronic pain in pelvic area.
    • Rectal bleeding and pain.
    • Chronic bladder infections or urinary tract infections.
    • Reoccurrence of POP or SUI.
    • Difficulty urinating or defecating.

    Since the late 90s, when complications with trans-vaginal mesh first came to light, thousands of claims have been filed and more than 40,000 Trans-Vaginal mesh settlements, to date, have been awarded to plaintiffs. Trans-Vaginal mesh is a medical device made by several large medical manufacturers. Trans-Vaginal mesh is a specially designed surgical mesh intended to help treat two ailments in women: pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence (SUI). POP commonly occurs later in life, typically after the age of 60, and is caused by weakened pelvic muscles, which allow the bladder, uterus and even the rectum to fall into the vagina because they are not properly being supported.

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